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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Of Chrome and Other Things: A Tech Post

My Grandfather at the BBQ, Summer 5755

Before the chaos of the previous week and a half, I had wanted to write about Google's Chrome browser . . . In between it seems that just about everything that I would have said was covered out there, but for posterity's sake I'll record them:

Chrome looks great from the get go. It's slick and clean, and the lack of clutter makes navigating a breeze -I like way a new tab is set up, instead of blank, wasted real estate, the new tabs offer thumbnails of the sites I visit the most. The 'Omnibar' with it's built in Google search is also cute, though I didn't find myself doing it all that much.

 Where Chrome really shines though, no pun intended, is in it's speed -it's lightning fast, making it great for on the fly use (like when I'm about to leave, and then decide that I want to check my e-mail 'one last time' )- and in it's ability to create Web 2.0 Apps -and here is where I plan at least to use it . . . I already have a Google Docs icon set up.

For now I'm still a loyal user of Firefox -Chrome lacks the extensions that I use regularly . . .

. . . this brings me to the second part of the post:

My favorite Firefox extensions:

While almost everyone I know uses FF, I'm often surprised that people don't use some of the many great extensions that frankly, I can't browse with out.
Besides the basics such as IE Tab and, here are a few others that I recommend:

-Scribefire: I'm not sure how I was able to blog before I found it . . .

-Ubiquity: This baby just came out recently, but it's great . . . Its uses are so varied -watch the video embedded on their site to get an idea.

-Hebrew Calendar: 'nuff said.

-Download Statusbar: View and manage downloads from a tidy statusbar

Anyhow. Tell me what you guys think of these -what worked, what didn't, and which extensions you recommend.

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Leora said...

Thanks for your browser reviews, but even more, thanks for the look at your grandfather. He seems like he wasn't one to "ham" it up for the camera.

I have third cousins that are Dorfmans.

Der Shygetz said...


I use Hebrew Calendar, Facebook toolbar, and plugins for Alexa ratings and weather forecasts. I just added the download statusbar; haven't used it yet.

As for Chrome, yes, it is nice and simple, and I like the home page that shows sites last visited but so far I use it only to keep Jewishbroadcast running in the background while I use Firefox to build and maintain my sites.

Mottel said...

-Leora: Thanks -though my grandfather wouldn't 'ham' it up for the photos, he was a definite joker. Where are these Dorfmans from?

-Der ShygetzL sounds good -I also have a weather forecaster.

Leora said...

Dorfman relatives: I think they live on Long Island. Do you mean where in Europe? I'll have to ask my father. I think it was my paternal grandmother's side, so probably originally from Austria-Hungary somewhere.

Mottel said...

Yah, I meant where as in Europe. If you do find out, let me know, I'd be interested.

chanie said...

Try the google account manager....

Mottel said...

If you mean Google Gears, it has it built in!

Yossi ! said...

don't forget about adblock plus and Flashblock both are more stupid ads of any kind!

(also check out Resurrect page and Hyperwords -both awesome)

Stay tuned to for more

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