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Friday, August 08, 2008

Picture of the Week 57

In Petersburg, on the bridge overlooking the Neva river and the Peter Paul Fortress

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Nemo said...

Did you visit the Alter Rebbe?

Yossi! said...

Nice Shot

Leora said...

Wow. Did I mention that my mother was born in St. Petersburg/Leningrad? Thanks again for the tour.

Mottel said...

-Nemo: The Alter Rebbe what?
I went to his kever in Haditch, Ukraine three years ago.
I went to the fortress where he was imprisoned the same day I went to the hermitage, and will iy"h feature it in a future post.
-Yossi!: Thanks!
-Leora: You did not mention it . . . Now I know. Currently I have since moved on to Vilna -where I'll be for the next few days 'til part two of the summer.

Nemo said...

I was asking if you checked out his cell? And was there really room there for three people?

Vilna, huh? Send regards to Rabbi K.!

Baleboosteh said...

Very nice Mottel :)