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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Greatest Journey

Please Excuse My Former Absence -I Think I'm Back

I've been busy with a million things, yet done nothing . . .

I wanted to write about my trip to Boro Park, but just can't seem to hack it now.

I dunno, I dunno.
Perhaps normal sleeping hours will help.


Perel said...

U call coming to BP a trip?
Now u really have to get some decent sleep and get that story out, the suspense is too intense here!

Anonymous said...

Wow you went to boro park I had no idea you were going
why didn't you tel me ?
we could of gone together!

Mottel said...

If I don't know who you are, how can I know to ask you?

Anonymous said...

you were supposed to check the stats to find out

you've failed me

I've lost faith in humanity

Mottel said...

I can guess that it's the Amazing Yankel posting as Anon again . . . but then you're in Germany.

Anonymous said...

you bet

faith restored

Anon is such a lovely name

Nemo said...

How was your trip last night?

Sorry I couldn't make it. I had the lovely pleasure of having three dinners last night: milchig, fleishig and then a pareve farbrengen.

Followed by which, I lied down in a friends front yard (if you can call it that) and we chilled under the stars!

Sefirah said...

your absence is unforgivable

Sefirah said...
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