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Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Mottel By Any Other Name

Taken during my Prague or Bust trip Adar 5766

No more excuses . . . I've got to write. Forget Boro Park, let's talk blogs!
Or perhaps, rather, how they effect our lives.

Over Shabbos several people mentioned their Google ratings -you know when you look your name up on Google (I refuse to use the term "Google" as a verb, despite it being in Merriam Webster's -it seems to sophomoric . . . a kin to referring to a blog as a 'blogspot'. What is more, the company itself doesn't promote the use of the term) - had gone up.

My name has been bouncing around the web for some time -as a child I did some voice-over work on a project my mother was working on, landing me a spot on IMDB - but with the birth of this blog, despite my use of the moniker 'Mottel' (aint it great), my name has featured rather prominently on this blog . . . Thus when someone does a search, Letters of Thought is the first thing to show up -trumping and . . . It gives me a heads up on the 'research' would be Shot Guns do (Funny why I never hear any results after they come to here).

In any event, as I ramble on instead of packing, I began to wonder about the sagacity of blogging with a name. It seems to me that Bloggers can be broken down into three general groups, with some blurring between the lines.

-There are those that use their names.
-Those that use some other name, but in no other way try to conceal their identities
-Those that blog from behind an iron mask.

I have long since committed myself to the first, and have no regrets: I write what I feel to be proper and correct, and feel that by using my name, it gives credence to my words -I am vindicated -or convicted- by my own actions.

By using my name, for one I am able to post travel posts, many of which feature photos of me.

In any event, I wonder where I'm exactly going with this? Part of my recent 'writer's block' has been to fragmented writing -as opposed to putting down my thoughts as soon as I can, I start to write, become distracted in the middle . . . and then loose the whole build up.

Tomorrow I'm off to my first stop of the summer, as per (somewhat dated) tradition -polls are now open.

Where is our hero off to next?

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Nemo said...

The third category people ar pretty annoying, eh?

Der Shygetz said...


From what is det a stetue? Lipa Schmeltzer when he come to Jewish nursink home in Prague and make a kontzert? Or is dat der Admou"r fin Creedmoor-Prague which is not makink no sense becuz dere is no velfare end sektion-8 in Prague end he hez no reason to be dere!

me said...

I like when you write with your "writer's block". Because things are fragmented it shows how you're thinking, where your mind is taking you. And we get to come along... Instead of seeing your bottome line opinions etc., we get to be part of the ride instead of meeting you at the destination.

Mottel said...

An interesting way of looking at things . . . but it's less fun for me at the least.

me said...

One person's gain at another's expense... sorry :)
I think that when my writing becomes fragmented, I can suddenly uncover things I never knew existed, so perhaps it is your gain as well.