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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Walking Down Eastern Parkway

I realized that I'm able to pick up a local wi-fi network from a lawn chair in my backyard.
There were some technical difficulties putting up this post . . . but it
should do the trick. Click on the link to see the photos and text from
my walk.
As a note the pictures were taken on my mother's camera
-which which while technically superior, I am (as of yet) not entirely used to using
. . . please forgive their quality.


Walking down Eastern Parkway . . .

By day and by night.
People pass like ships at sea in the thick of dark.

Walking down Eastern Parkway
By night and by day

Sunlight comes down in patches through green spring leaves blowing in the light breeze, creating a dancing mosaic of light and dark on the gray brick floor.

I'm walking down the Parkway. Cars zooming by -New Yorkers in a rush to be somewhere, anywhere, nowhere fast. People taking their time watching the birds. The minstrel, the
fool, strumming his guitar with a smile on his face that no one seems to understand, perched on a his thrown -a park bench under a tree dedicated in honor of Ira Goldberg.

But me, I'm walking, walking down the parkway, walking down the parkway of life.

I'm going forward, my feet are moving, one step at a time . . .>

I'm a mover . . . started moving so long ago, started heading towards the light, and I'm not about to stop. I'm moving forward, but I keep glancing back.
I'm going . . . I push myself forward,
even when I want to scream to a tumultuous world -silenced by the
fury of the storm. I know I gotta keep goin' -no stopping on this train, it's going express.

But I keep glancing back, though I'm walking forward.

I look and I think. Is it still there . . . Or did it already surpass me?
Can I still see it now . . . objects in the mirror may be closer then they seem.
And I remember

Sleepless nights. Tears dampening my pillow. Silent screams from the heart, crying 'cause it just aint fair. Wanting and asking and praying during those sleepless nights . . .
>and smiling days, because it doesn't end here. Because I'm walking forward.
Because being happy is what we all want, and I won't have it any other way.

And though I look back. And scream. And cry. I know I can't change it . . . it's check mate my friend. The pieces have been moving into place through all those years. Pawns
in the hand of Deeper then Deep Blue, scattered around the parkway of life. Your Rook takes my Bishop, Your Pawn is now a Queen.

So now I'm moving forward, one step at a time. Down Eastern Parkway.

You can get on for the ride or get out of the way -'cause this train is going express . . . down the parkway of life.

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Mimi said...

Nice shot of Matis.

"One step ata time," walking down Eastern Parkway.

One step at a time for us all.

Nemo said...

I was wondering if that was Matisyahu. Real cool!

Anyway, Mordy, you should get some of your subjects to actually pose for the pics rather than all the candidness. It makes for brighter pictures.

Mottel said...

-M: I never knew he had a motorcycle.

(As I mentioned this post was plagued with all kinds of problems -though ata may be a hint to flying, not just walking . . . as in ATA, the now failed airline. Though come to think of it, that may not be such a great thing to hint to)

-Nemo: Only candid shots . . . The darkness is due to the ISO. I got a better hang of the camera when we went to MoMA the other day, hopefully I'll get those pictures up in the near future.

VeRonda said...

Great photos! It's amazing how a story and photos can be so closely entwined.

me said...

This piece of writing is seriously amazing. I liked it so much I read it twice.
It's motivating and thought provoking. Nice!

Mottel said...

Thank you both very much!

me said...

What camera do you normally use, and do you recommend it?

Mottel said...

I have a Fuji Finepix f10. These were on my mother's Nikon d200.

The Fuji is an older camera already -but it has a great battery life. If you can find it cheap why not . . . but you might as well get something newer

The d200 is an SLR making it far from cheap . . . if you want to invest in a good camera, look on cnet.

me said...

Thanks, but when looking for a "good camera" what exactly does that mean? What do you look out for etc?

cheerio said...

i liked the candidness of the shots - there's something about capturing people when they're unaware of being observed that, in my opinion,makes for a far more fascinating picture.
But the pictures are great!
and the writing - it's different than some of your other stuff, and i like that! it has a rythm to it, a motion that reflects both the emotions you're expressing and the movement of walking.
and that hike down eastern parkway is one of my favorite things about crown heights.

Mottel said...

-ME: check Cnet for their recommended cameras.

-Cheerio: Candid shots show what's real, posed shots show what isn't.
Thank you very much for the compliments :-)
Perhaps the rhythm is that of my soul when not inundated by the distractions of the internet?

Thank you again.

me said...