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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Brooklyn -By Night and Day

I didn't want to post more photos today . . . I'm not a photographer, at least I don't see it as my major pastime or passion -nor is this blog a photoblog . . . it's meant to be a home to my hack-writings.
However, I have several pictures that I've been meaning to put up, and now is as good a time as any.

In general I tell people that I don't live in New York -That would be Manhattan in most peoples minds. Nor do I live in Brooklyn -but rather in a small country directly adjacent to the previous two . . . known as Crown Heights.
With the year ending though, I'm trying to get out of this island of the mind and spend some time in New York.

Click on the link . . . and tell me what you think.

Park Slope at night.


Tourists looking into London

London Bridge is falling down . . .

Between the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges.

Dripping . . .

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Itzhak Schier said...


Great stuff as always! That Park Slope photo looks like a great CD liner photo for Lipa Schmeltzer's new album as Track 5 really is called Asher Yotzor!

Nemo said...

I'm sure that a man with your travel log is aware that the bridge in London isn't called London Bridge. It's the tower bridge.

Nemo said...

Sorry, the Tower Bridge.

I'm tired.

Mottel said...

Why are you so tired so early in the morning.

Nemo said...

Cause I was sleeping in like a good bochur.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! you have talent!
greetings from Latvia!