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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Picture of the Week 48

Venice -Summer 5764

As well, this week was the Yahrtzeit of my Grandfather Sunny Lightstone -
שמשון בן יונתן יעקב ע"ה

The Lightstone family, Circa 1901

Have a great Shabbos!

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Irina Tsukerman said...

I love the family picture!

In general, I am really fascinated by old family photographs. I could stare at them all day, discuss the family histories, names, interrelations, what happened to whom.

Anonymous said...

Wow the family photo is amazing, really amazing.

Mottel said...

-Irina: I agree, with you. As I've mentioned in the past, one can't help but wonder what they would think of us today. We can only hope that our actions make them proud.

Anon: I'm glad you like it. What drew you to it?

And here I thought picture of the week was for my photos . . . maybe I should put some more family photos :-)

Aaron Colodin said...

My name is Aaron, Mini Lightsone the young girl in the photos is my great grandmother.

Mottel said...

- Aaron Colodin:

Are you facebook? I'd love to get in touch!

aaron colodin said...


Yes I am on facebook.

Just type my name in search

aaron said...

just sent you a friend request.