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Monday, May 12, 2008

Like Passing Clouds

Clouds in Vilna -Pesach 5765

Staying up late . . . It's not great, but when else would I have time to write?

I'm working on a guest post for A Simple Jew -when he puts it up, I'll link to it here.

When I left, Crown Heights was still held in the hands of Winter's grip. Trees stood stood naked and bare along empty streets -skeletons shaking in the pre-Pesach wind.

Now everything has changed. Green. Growth. Alive.

Now the full trees stand regally along Montgomery, shading us with their leaves, dancing in the Spring raindrops.

Families bustle along Kingston; children no longer clad in thick layers of winter clothes jump in puddles.

Pink blossoms carpet the ground in front of Hadar Hatorah.

The sun still shines when I leave 770 in the late afternoon.

True the clouds that come at times are gray, the wind cold . . . .

But it's a new season. Good things must surely be coming for us all.

Spring in the Height of Crowns

Let it be so!

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Sefirah said...

Israel was green before I left, now its almost an L.A. summer brown.

Nemo said...

You call this spring??? It's cold and wet out there??

If April showers bring May flowers, then the only thing May showers bring must be mud!

Mottel said...

Nemo -The leaves are still green.

Nemo said...

Here's to better days!

Mottel said...

Today is darn nice if you ask me.

Nemo said...

Granted... I'm off to the park. L'Chaim!

me said...

Imho, i think that only in Crown Heights do I really appreciate Spring for its full glory. After a black and bleak winter, it truly brings color and life! You just don't feel the same in winter-less places!

Mottel said...

How true -I first noticed it in Montreal.

Anonymous said...

what camera do you use?!

Mottel said...

A Fuji Finepix f10