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Sunday, March 09, 2008

A Midwinter Night's Hour

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Time must be guarded. It is urgent to "accept the yoke of Torah." Every
bit of time, every day that passes, is not just a day but a life's
concern. Days go by; as the Talmud says (Yerushalmi Berachot 1:1), "A
day enters and a day departs, a week enters etc.,... a month etc.,... a
year etc.,..." My father quoted the Alter Rebbe: A summer day and a winter night are a year.
- Hayom Yom 17

Last night, while burning the midnight oil, I made a brief call to my home . . . the conversation was not more then fifteen minutes. Upon hanging up I glanced at the call details that flash on the screen when the call ends:
Call Duration: 1:15:46 -one hour 15 minutes and 46 seconds.
I made a double check -an hour and fifteen minutes? How could that be -I had barely spoken!

Then I realized, during the conversation the clocks had changed, and my phone -picking up on satellite time - had moved an hour ahead, thus clocking in a conversation for an hour and some odd minutes. I had unwittingly been sent to to the future in a second. A moment had turned into an hour -an hour lost to me forever. . .

In truth, every moment is an eternity.
How precious is our time?

In regards to the lengthening nights of Av, the Talmud relates that they were given for Torah study . . .
Perhaps then, a longer day was given to add to time of avodah -divine service.

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Perel said...

my rabbi in sem' always says " The most important moment in human history"

me said...

And the most important person is... YOU!

Anonymous said...

and the important question on my lips - were you charged for a fifteen minute call or a one hour and fifteen minute call??

Mottel said...

I hope the later and not the former -but then again, I have free nights and weekends.