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Monday, February 18, 2008

Jewish Music Links

I've been writing for several other places over the past few days -a translation of Minhagim v'hanhagos on the Hagadah by Heichal Menachem, a great post on davening to be guest hosted on someone else's blog, and other such things . . . A such, my own ideas are not yet written out yet.

I have however been listening to various MP3s online.

I've taken an interest in Aharon Rakeffet's Shiurim on YU Torah Online

As well, several of my friends have put some great music that they've composed online . . .
Due to various technicalities, I can only link to the songs, and not embed them -but I ask you all to please go and listen to them, so click on the links to see (err -hear) them both!

Take Me Out of this Desert by Benoit -in his words:
"The spies who went to scout Eretz Yisroel thousands of years ago, while the rest of the Jewish nation waited impatiently in the desert came back with bad news about the land.
The spies didn't want the Jewish people to descend into the depths of Klipah and this lowly world. They preferred to remain in the desert, where their every need was taken care of and life was easy and spiritual. It was the wrong decision.
This song was composed about a week after I got married (Parshas Shlach no less).
Marriage is about going from the free and easy world of Bochur'hood, to the hard and responsible world of married life... Sometimes we can prefer to remain single and let life pass us by easily... Needless to say, that's wrong and this song is all about that!"

Take me out of thi...
Hosted by eSnips

And Alma Discassia by my friend Paz Shusterman! A few lines don't give room for what he's got here . . .

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