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Sunday, January 06, 2008

As A Dog Runs . . .

Taken today, outside of the Ohel

I came to a new understanding of the expression of chazal, אין אדם עובר עבירה אלא אם כן נכנס בו רוח שטות
- that a person does not sin unless a spirit of folly enters him . . .
For what is a shoteh -fool? A person who lacks basic understanding, who even if he realizes the result of his actions, does and repeats them anyway.

You know what you get out of an aveirah, yet you do it again?

!ביסטו טאקא א שוטה

Honestly, why we run back again to our mistakes, senselessly repeating them is beyond reasoning. A healthy person knows that it will hurt to put his finger in the socket, an ignorant one will put his finger in, a fool will do it a second time just to make sure.

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Perel said...

Interstingly enough, I was there earlier this morning too. The contre-jour is a courageous attempt, there is room for improvement but it is a good first (or maybe not) step.
May we all stay away from fools and foolishness.

cheerio said...

that is a beautiful shot.

why do we repeat our mistakes? For the same reason we did them in the first place.
We forget.

chanie said...

why is the word 'kein' in big? and yeah, why ARE we so stupid as to do an aveira???

Mottel said...

Just a typo -though other people did ask about it.