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Friday, December 14, 2007

My Chassidic Colorado Chanukah Adventure

Rabbis on Ice (and they're moving fast!)

Today we came back from our final Chanukah Party in Telluride. I know the panoramic banner that starts this post looks very similar to the previous one . . . But trust me that this post is very different.
Click on the link and enjoy!

We left early Tuesday morning from the Rabbi's house in Colorado Springs for the skiing resort of Telluride.

The icy Arkansas river.

It was snowing when we left, making us slightly apprehensive about the trip, but thank G-d the roads were clear.

Big Horn sheep on the side of the road.

We stopped by Salida where we met up with a friend from the last trip.

Putting on Tefillin.

After crossing the Monarch pass and reaching Gunnison County, the roads were cleared entirely, helping us make good time to Telluride.

Entering the Box Canyon of Telluride . . . From here on pictures don't do justice to the beauty.

A shot of the Menorah during our Chanukah party.

Thank G-d the party went well, with well over a dozen people attending.

The last morning of Chanukah -clear skies all the way

A little skiing always makes photography more interesting . . .

As a child I spent a winter in Duluth, Minnesota, where I convinced my mother that the entire family needed to go Alpine skiing, not cross country as she had wanted. After a few lessons I felt like a pro (at least as professional as a nine year old can get) . . .
That feeling remained with me until after I crashed into a pile of snow within ten seconds of strapping on my skis.
Why a person spends large sums of money to go flying down a hill with little control on two waxed wooden planks, only to repeatedly fall in the snow is beyond me . . .
But I'm sure glad I did it.

Mountain Village, the ski resort town connected to Telluride via Gondola (and the place we actually stayed) is constantly being developed . . .

Sunrise as we left

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A Simple Jew said...


Perel said...

Right Simple Jew: WHOA!!! Snow still impresses me like a little child!It must have been inspiring to be in such a wild place.
Shkoyach for getting pple to roll up their sleeves at such temperatures!

Mottel said...

Telluride is truly amazing -bu thwe 'shkoyach' goes to the guy, not to me . . .

cheerio said...

nice to see that maccabees video is making its way around!
and the last pic is truly beautiful. ice and fire, you know?

Mottel said...

Everyone loved the Maccabees . . .