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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Face of Darkness


What does one say in the face of utter destruction? When the sun sets on life, and ushers in the chilling icy blasts of winter's unforgiving embrace?
Snow dances across the frozen tundra, whipping and twirling, twisting and wreathing in utter silence; a macabre dance of spirits, dressed in shrouds and caught in some eternal ballet. Suddenly the wind blows, the scream of a thousand voices calling out at once. The dance reaches its climax, the spirits fly above as if on the wings of prayer, scattering as they return to their source. The clouds are blown from the moon, bathing all in a calming light.
Silence returns once more.

What does one say about the love for a mitzvah? Of person, bound to a chair yet whose soul remains free, who enters a sukkah for the first time that year on the third night, having been kept indoors for the first two.

When the nights reach their zenith, when cold rules the earth, we kindle a small flame. Darkness, not an entity unto itself is pushed away. The soul, flickering on its chain, yearns to fly heavenward. The warmth and light. The crackling of the wick in oil. Peace.


Chaya Malka Yehudis Bas Avraham v'Chana

Я не имею никаких слов, только слезы.
я не имею никаких слов только просьбы

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Perel said...

Baruch Dayan HaEmet

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Baruch Dayan HaEmet

beautifully said

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