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Monday, December 31, 2007

. . . and We're Back

I think the inspiration for writing comes from writing itself. The more I write, the more I'll have wh
at to say.

Or perhaps, in a slightly different vein, when I look to blog, then anything fits for a post -Philosophy, the Human struggle, Exotic places, coffee, slugs, socks . . . whatever. It all works. But when I don't look to blog. Nothing comes to mind.

In other words, the world is a truly interesting place, we just have to know what too look for.

Which is why I'm writing this post . . . Because I want to have something to write about.

I mulled over various ideas -perhaps something on coffee . . . I always used instant. Until this summer that is. The Espresso machine in Rimini kicked up my caffeine level a notch. Now only real, freshly ground coffee works.
(Of note the most expensive coffee out there, Kopi Luwak, goes from 120 to 600 dollars a pound, and is prepared in a very . . . unique manner).
Unfortunately, here in Crown Heights it's a little tough to get a decent cup o' Joe . . . The coffee in 770 -Made of four parts milk, three sugar, and one coffee type brown mystery liquid, leaves something to be desired.

But frankly, I don't know how interesting any of this is to read to actually write it. One friend of mine has told me on numerous occasions that he would read my blog, except that he doesn't like reading blogger blogs, which he explains to mean Blogs about peoples lives.

In other news, my story 'Ballad of the Living Jew' was published in this past week's Algemeiner Journal -see it at the news stands.

That, and an exciting trip is G-d willing, coming up . . . details to follow.

What ever.

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