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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Special Seven Meme

I was tagged by Irina with the Seven Meme . . . I don't know why she felt it was an unlucky Seven -to me Seven is a good number. Just think about it, seven days of creation, seven days of week, Shabbos -the seventh day, seven emotional attributes, seven branches of the Menorah, seven blessings under the chupa.

  • When I drink Coffee, if it's instant then I need sugar, but if it's freshly brewed (preferred) then I drink it with out . . . But always with milk.
  • I've mentioned in the past that I love trivia . . . I especially love to look up if someone famous is Jewish. Whenever I see the name of an author, professor, actor or what-have-you in the news, I immediately do a Google search if he is Jewish.
  • I want a Zune . . . For some reason or another, I really want to get one. I'm not sure why I keep thinking about getting one - perhaps its the offer for a 30 gig first gen for 89 shipped, or the fact that the 2nd gen did well on Cnet's review. My 3rd Generation iPod is fine for what I need though, so unless someone sponsors one, I don't think I'm changing anytime soon.
  • My last name, Lightstone, went through no less then three or four changes to get where it is today. Originally it was Kasdin, then Aidelstein, possibly Lichtenstein, then Ligtstone.
  • I always wore fedora hats, even as a kid . . .
  • I've wandered around dozens of European cities, several times with no company, and felt fine. Yet for some reason I feel oddly uneasy about walking around Manhattan, as if I'll get lost or worse. Perhaps it's something subconscious from memories of my first visit as a kid - my mother was pickpocketed, or perhaps its the inner Angeleno in me.
  • I collect liquor tax seals from bottles of Vodka in countries that I have spent time in. I have one from Italy, one from Poland, one from Lithuania, and one from S. Marino (It's actually an newer Italian one, but since I got it in S. Marino, and it looks different from my 'Italian' one . . . ) I was unfortunately unable to get one in Ukraine, and didn't see any in France or Germany . . .
So there you have it, seven inane facts that you probably never wanted to hear about me.
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Irina Tsukerman said...

Interesting facts!

My title was written ironically, because I was inflicting 7 weird facts on my readers (which they may or may not have wanted to know), plus I was tagging others! : )

Mottel said...

I figured as much -I just wanted an excuse to bring in something with a little message behind it before all of my dribble :-)

Sefirah said...

what inspired you to wear a fedora when you were younger?

Chaim said...


Mottel said...

What 'What?'

yitz.. said...

where's the pic from?

Mottel said...

It's actually the Rambam's schematic of the Temple Menorah. I forget where I found it, so I didn't leave a source.