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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Is Turkey Kosher


For the Turkey lovers out there, an interesting link:

Is Turkey Kosher

For those who want to jump to the bottom line . . .
'As has been shown, despite the fundamental difficulty with permitting turkey virtually all of the responsa are permissive, and it is unlikely that that will (or should) change in the future. It seems that unless one has a specific family custom to refrain from turkey, to adopt such a behavior is morally wrong. The turkey is no longer new and its kosher status has been addressed by both the great and not-so-great Jewish minds over the during 250 years and has received near-universal endorsement. To call it into question now is to impugn the dozens of responsa, and more so, the millions of honorable Jews, who have eaten turkey for almost half a millennium. That is not the Jewish way.'

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Ashirah said...

happy turkey day!