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Monday, September 17, 2007

On Norad and Rosh Hashana

I made note of the fact that I'm not in town (wherever that is), but I haven't yet said where.

This Eseres Yemei Teshuvah (the ten days of repentance) finds me in Colorado Springs, Colorado (I know that sounds redundant -but you don't know how many people asked me where Colorado Springs).

Yesterday, despite the fast, we went to the breathtaking Garden of the gods (With a lowercase 'g') -more aptly though, it should be 'Basi L'gani', the garden in which G-d dwells.
Enjoy the amazing pictures by clicking on the link!

Wild Deer ran around the park

Together with Asaf

With Shlomi, our Israeli tour guide.

Mottel . . .

The Minuscule form of Man . . .

. . . In Garden of the Al-mighty

I love this one . . .

Shlomi and Asaf -Hayisraleim sheli

garden of hashem

Mottel: Have Tefillin -Will Travel

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Tamara said...

Lovely pics Mottel. I went horseback riding up at the Garden of the Gods many years back. Oh, and you CAN capitalize the name because it is "the Gods". Not simply G-d.

A Simple Jew said...

You never sit still do you, Mottel? You are always off somewhere taking pictures. But hey, I always enjoy seeing them all!

Mottel said...

Tam -it must have been wonderful to go horseback riding, I can only imagine. The lowercase is because 'gods' lacks divinity and hence the capital letter reserved for the Creator.

ASJ -I actualy can sit down, but why? :-)
I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures.

Anonymous said...

How absolutely stunning. Thank you for putting them up.