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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Sleepy Thought

Learning - Warsaw style

The other day, while learning a sicha in the Yeshivah in Los Angeles, I drifted off to sleep with my head on the sefer.

I awoke, after only a few minutes of sleep, feeling amazingly refreshed.

The nap was so perfect, in fact, that I have come to the conclusion that no sleep is better then a cat-nap on a sefer in a yeshivah . . . Sleep of this caliber, can perhaps be compared to resting in ones bed in the morning after being awake for the entire night. In truth, though, there is no comparison . . . sleeping while learning through osmosis (the words go directly from the pages to one's brain via the red spot that forms on one's head) is simply the best.
It manages to undue hours of fatigue in a few short minutes of revere.

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chanie said...

You really shouldn't....but sleeping on a sefer is a different kind of favorite, it's so refreshing.

Sefirah said...

thats not so far off from learning -
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redsneakz said...

There's a beautiful story about the Rebbe Reb Melekh that I read some time ago. He learned with a candle in his fingers to prevent sleep. One of his disciples saw him thus, and made a bed for him and shooed him off to bed, where he slept for several hours. He awoke and davened with special fervor and sweetness.

Mottel said...

That is a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing it.