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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Lithuanian Summer In Italy II -Daily Life

A Child in a Dream

Part two of the camp series (see part one) will finish up imagery from the daily life in camp . . .
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Michoel with a winning raffle ticket -the picture reminds of this image

Little Boruch copies the stretching of a counselor

A Marshmallow Roast


Burrowing the head counselor

Decorating Yarmulkes

Rička (Richardas) helps his friend put on Tefillin

Davening in the morning

12 Pesukim by line up

The difference in the perception of money between the Lithuanian kids and American counselors was often interesting . . .
Though not all of them fit into the 'poor' post soviet refugees (Many had cameras, cell phones and mp3 players), they are hardly well off. It was therefore their assumption that all of counselors were quite rich (Though, perhaps, relative to them we were)
One of them looked at my suite, made in China, on the second Shabbos in camp and asked to know the name.
'Cianni della Cina' I told him (Cianni - the brand name - of China)
"Wow!" he said, touching my jacket with awe, "That's like an Armani!"


Rička speaks about himself and camp

Little Boruch tries to take a tomato from a neighbor's garden. He rarely speaks above whisper, due to his reportedly abusive home life.

Stay tuned for the next installment.
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pashut b'pshitus adorable.

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