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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Yarmulke Talk

I'm really digging Chaim Goldberg's paintings . . .

The other day we had a very long and moving conversation with someone.
A truly special man, he spoke to us for hours about his life, his goals and convictions.
Our conversation differed from most that we've had; he asked us the questions, we answered . . .
In the midst of it all we put on tefillin, it seems to have been the first time in his life.
Moving away from the busy noise of his office, we sat down in a cool, quite corner - a pristine area, lit not by the noisy hum of fluorescents, but by the cool rays of the sun as it set through the gray fog of a melancholy day.
I wound the ancient leather straps around him, trying to explain the meaning of it all.
We removed the tefillin, and continued the conversation.
I decided to let my yarmulke remain on his head - after all, it doesn't hurt to keep it on a little longer.

As we prepared to leave - four and a half hours after we had arrived - I tried to remind him that my yarmulke was on his head.
"You know, with that kippah on you look like a rabbi." I told him.
He smiled and nodded.
"That is to say," I continued. "That the Yarmulke is still on your head."
"Why yes of course, that's where it should be!"

He was so right. What more could I say?

I left him with the yarmulke - now his . . . with pride.

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