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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Welcome to Litchfield

It looks like no one took a guess as to where I am -I'm not sure if it's because the hint was to esoteric or because all of my friends out there have simply given up on me . . .
So I'll have to give up the goose:
After a few days spent in Crown Heights, Brooklyn I've made my way to . . . Litchfield, Connecticut.
Urim and Thumim is written on Yale's seal, Yale of course being found in New Haven, Connecticut. senator Joseph I. Lieberman being the senator of this state.

Of the trip in new York hopefully I'll write some other time, but as for today I present you with assorted pictures of a nearby lake, complete with various animals or there tracks -that and a few nice sunset shots in the Letter's of Thought style.
Click on the link below to see them all

We came towards the evening -so the bugs were in full force . . . at least there were some fire flies though.


The Lake

Raccoon tracks -I think

Not the best picture of me . . . But who's looking?

Notice the beavers at work.

I like this one.

At first the turtle looked like a wet rock . . .

Thus ends the first day of the next twenty-one here in lovely Litchfield.
I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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A Simple Jew said...

I really liked the pictures you took :)