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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Like a Kid in a Tree

Unfortunately this picture was taken wit my Cell.

The other day I saw a kid I know in a tree. He seemed rather content up there.
It made me worried.
I told him to get down.
He did.

I walked down the block and turned around.
I looked at the height of the tree.
I looked at the height of the child.

I shook my head.
"Have I really gotten so old now that I get nervous when I see children doing things like that?"

Until a certain point certain connections in the head of a child prevent him from realizing what crazy situations he puts himself in. I think had we known as a child what we know now, had we understood then what we understand now, we would not be able to function. The world would be too scary. So we move about in an ignorant bliss until somehow someone decides to let us in on the secrets of the adult world. We start shrinking, going bald, and getting grumpy.
It must be a very definite line.
But I never thought for a moment that it would be at twenty-two.


Perez said...

It is true, as children we did some what crazy things. It is a good thing our children do not know all about the secrets of the adult world, or they would never do anything at all.

yitz.. said...

... you meant 'content' (happy/comfortable) not 'contempt' (disgust)

chanie said...

Not 'hight', but 'height'. I guess you've grown up. The question, however, is if you lost the koach you had as a kid to just DO. Don't ever lose that part.

Mottel said...

I wrote this post in a big rush . . . it looks like I made a few typos . . .
But do I still can . . .