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Sunday, February 18, 2007

A Trip with out Picture

Wow . . . Blogging the Headlines does indeed work -my post on Sulejman Talovic has pulled in around 500 hits in the past three days, pushing me to over 20,000 hits . . . Not bad for a blog of my size.

Interestingly most of the early searches came from Vaterland Germany and the land of the Flying Dutch Jews, Het Nederlands . . .

I never thought of it, but Die Buchstaben von Gedanken is kinda catchy.

Friday I traveled by train to spend Shabbos with Yosef in the Hospital. As I've mentioned numerous times here, I like traveling . . . I feel safer on a plane or train . . . I don't have to worry, someone else is in control . . .

It's only too bad that I didn't bring my camera with me to snap a few shots (I have one on my Cell, but I loath using it . . . It just seems to teeny-bopper'ish for me.)

Thank G-d, Yosef is doing better . . . his immune system is still suppressed, however, so when he gets sick he needs to return to the OICU. I can only hope that our time spent with him helped to relieve him of his pain.

In other news, I'd like to through in my support for Orthomom. I'm all for freedom of speech in The Blogosphere -I've also had my run ins in the past, on both sides of the coin . . . Be careful what you Blog -but don't let people try to scare you down for the wrong reason. My advice for Orthomom (I haven't seen that of others, so I can't say if it's being repeated or not) but if your problem stems from the comments of others, then perhaps put up a disclaimer stating that the comments do not necessarily represent your opinion and that you take no responsibility for the statements there within.

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