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Sunday, February 25, 2007


I realized the other day that when it comes to certain things I'm a purist . . .

  1. I can't eat Chinese or Japanese food with a fork . . . it just seems wrong.
  2. Likewise, a Japanese acquaintance told me that when eating Sushi one puts the wasabi directly onto the sushi instead of mixing it in the soy sauce . . . I haven't mixed since.
  3. I prefer to use the local name for a city -if confusion will not occur . . . Therefore Florence is Florence and not Firenze, but Katowice is pronounced Kattovitze and not Katowise.
  4. I use a Cheilem not not a Choilom . . . My family came from Grajewo a former part of Lithuania (Ha! No Polish blood there) . . . What's more an authentic Lubavitcher Yiddish is a Litvishe one anyhow.
Anyhow . . . enough of this for today.

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yitz.. said...

umm but when you speak hebrew do you pronounce it the way the alter-rebbe did? proper sefaradi pronounciation?

Mottel said...

1. Hebrew is not Loshon Hakodesh -so when I speak Hebrew I do as (best as I can at least) as an Israeli would.
2. I don't know exactly how the AR pronounced the letters anyhow (I don't think it was as the sefardim however)
3. The Rebbe used the Litvishe standard for davvening.