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Monday, December 11, 2006

Unfinished Thoughts on 19 Kislev

Yud Tes Kislev, Chag haChagim -the Rosh Hashana of Chassidus.
I had been planning to write on the chiddush (novelty) of Chassidus Chabad over Chassidus before . . .
Due to problems with the wireless network here I'm rather short on time.
In brief.
We know that in the life of the Mezritcher Magid there was also a divine decree against the spreading of Chassidus; a decree which was only averted through the parable of the Alter Rebbe -that the crown Jewel of the king ought to ground up and mixed into the elixir needed to save the life of his only son, even if it may not succeed and in retrospect destroyed for naught.
The Alter Rebbe's point was made clear and the spreading of chassidus was allowed.
Why did things repeat themselves again in the times of the Alter Rebbe?
Because Chassidus Chabad represents allows one to reach the outer most limits of the Human Being -that even frigid logic can grasp and understand the precious jewel's of G-ds diadem.
That a lasting effect can stay with the person, even after the initial thrill of inspiration has left.

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