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Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Shivah -A Rabbinic Video Game

CNN has an interesting news bit:

Rabbi the star of new video game

LOS ANGELES, California (Reuters) -- While Christian games
like the newly released "Left Behind: Eternal Forces" gain mainstream
attention, Manifesto Games in New York City is billing "The Shivah" as
the first to star the leader of a Jewish congregation.

In the
murder-mystery game named after the Jewish mourning ritual, protagonist
Rabbi Stone is having a crisis of faith and his congregation on New
York's Lower East side is losing members and cash.

When he
inherits a small windfall from a controversial congregant, Rabbi Stone
must solve the mystery behind the gift and make sure it is not cursed.

which announced the title via e-mail, said "The Shivah" plays on
personal computers and is the first commercial game from creator Dave

Representatives from Manifesto, which sells downloadable
games, were not immediately available for comment. "The Shivah" sells
for $5.

Dave Gilbert's site can be found here, where a demo is available for download . . .

I played around with it for a few minutes . . .

It's one for the books that for sure.

The story looks to actually be quite interesting (Though the idea of a Rabbi video game is rather odd).

The graphics are on par for five bucks, and the game play seems unique (Questions can be answered in several ways -including a "Rabbinical Answer", a question for an answer.)

If I had the time, I might even get it an play the whole thing through, but with my first big test for Smicha coming up . . .

(As well I don't know if the content is glatt kosher, so try it at your own risk)

Of note- This is my 400th post!

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