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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

James Kim found deceased | CNET

James Kim found deceased | CNET

Kim had been missing in the remote southwestern Oregon wilderness for 11 days and was found at approximately noon Wednesday about half a mile from the Rogue River, authorities said.
James Kim

Remembering James "In my eyes, as a father, and in the eyes of his family, he is a true hero. He took the difficult but at the same time easy decision to risk his life to save the lives of those he loved the most...Rest in peace, brave man."

--CNET reader

Kim, 35, left his family's stranded car Saturday morning searching for help and never returned. Kim apparently traveled in an 8-mile circle and was found less than a mile, separated by a sheer cliff, from where his family's station wagon got stuck in the snow. Officers said there was no way to determine whether he was trying to return to his starting point or if he became disoriented.

I often use CNET for my Tech news, I greatly enjoyed James Kim's reports . . .

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Sefirah said...

how can you sit there and laugh at the information of a lost kim? how morbid of you!

Mottel said...

who said I was laughing, I'm actually rather sad, as he seemed like a good chap.