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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Goodbye Saddam

I think that right now we have, with out a doubt, witnessed a truly historical moment . . .
Yes, I refer to the death of Saddam Hussein.

Let us step aside from the stupidity of the detractors for a moment.
Yes, the EU claims that they are against the death penalty (France was always against the pain of the death penalty . . . that's why they invented the Guillotine and used it during the revolution -it gave a new meaning to "Liberté, égalité, fraternité, ou la mort!" ("Liberty, equality, fraternity, or death!")", and Spain never, ever had an Inquisition . . . And lest we forget our more Germanic friends . . . )

And Americans may claim that Iraq is a puppet government, set up by an oppressive American invader (That's why Japan's government also failed to work -but they got revenge by giving us Pokemon)

I, however, leave the refutation of these fallacies to my father (Here and Here)

But let us put all of the commentary on the side.
Claim what you want -say that the War (on terrorists) is wrong. Sip Kool-Aid. Learn Arabic . . . What do I care?

But can't we loose our self-serving P.C. gloss, our narcissistic self pity, and for one moment see the picture as it is?

In the previous century one hundred million (that's 100,000,000) people have been killed my communism alone.
Another twenty million (20,000,000) were killed by Nazi Germany . . .

How many of the dictators that brought about such destruction in the world have been punished?
Hitler? He took his life in Berlin.
Mao? Stalin?
Arafat got state honors when he kicked the bucket in France.
Even Pinochet sat it out in jail until his heart went.
They all eluded justice.
Mussolini seems to be the only one in my books that got his just rewards . . .
Until now.
To think . . .
How rare is it, then, that a people can try and condemn their own dictator?
That we can hang Haman from his own gallows?

Truth be known, I didn't plan on putting Saddam's final moments on this Blog . . . I am sure that all have already seen it
However, since Television and the like have suddenly become afraid of showing death, as if the sight of justice makes them cringe, I have decided to add it.

Think of it as my New Years countdown and dropping of the ball.

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