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Friday, November 24, 2006

Three on Archetypes

The truth is, I think the title of this post is far better (or at least
implies much more) then what is written below, however . . .

The Polak: On Wednesday night there was a Farbrengen in A's house . . . B who was, as they say, b'gilufin, went outside for several minutes. When he returned his face was aflame,
"I saw Borat!" He shouted.
"What?" We all asked.
"Yes, I was walking outside and hear this guy say 'Jagshemash!' so I say 'Jagshemash! Are you Borat? High Five!' "

The Farbrengen continued until the later hours of the night. Around 12:00 the security guard came to let us know that we should quite down.
B jumped up,
"That's him! What's your name?"
"My name is Gregory."
I at once knew where our 'Borat' was from,
"Jak sie Pan ma."

Big mistake. Never speak to a Pole in Polish. For the next five minutes
he wouldn't stop speaking to me, this despite the fact that I didn't
understand a word he was saying.
At last I was able to make clear to him that I only spent several months in Poland, and was not proficient in the language.
"Are you Jewish?" He asked me.
"Yes, we are. Our friend (A) will be getting married soon, so we are making a party for him."
"Ah, but you speak Polish like a Pole. Those words, the accent was very good. Were you from Poland?"
"My great Grandparents were from Bilgoraj and Grajewo."
"Those are beautiful places. I am from Katowice."

Images Bilgoraj's mud and communist buildings came to mind . . .

"I know some Jews. In Katowice we have very nice Jewish cemetery. Very
few Jews. I go to the cemetery because it is very quite place."
I wonder why it's quite? Because they're all dead.
"Any how I must go. You are also quite now. Do Widzenia!"

The Ba'al Shem'ske Yid: I am well acquainted with a
person who is most definitely a Jew the Ba'al Shem Tov would love.
Simplicity with an ernest ring.
One of the Biala Rebbes came to town. This simple Jew went to speak to
him, gave him a donation, then informed him of his weekly class in
'Since I like Tanya so much, Rabbi,' he said, 'I thought you would like it as well, so I got one for you' . . .

Farbrengen: Last night was the birthday of the head of our Smicha Program,
Rabbi Dovid Schumkler.

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Sefirah said...

woahh! looks like good times to me!

naomi said...

Love the pics, love the besht story, not crazy about the polak part. I just ignore them ;)

talking about bilgoraj, I have an aunt there, not jewish though.

Mottel said...

You ever went there?

naomi said...

not after I became frum, last time when I was 12