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Friday, November 03, 2006

Letters of Thought In Print

Letters of thought finally makes it somewhere else . . .
My post (and Photo) The Cycle of life in Vilna has been immortalized in the Algemeiner Journal (Though I hope things published here gain eternity in their own right).

True my essay has been Jakyized (Y.Y. Jacobson's style can be noticed in a few places . . . at least that's how it seems to me), however all and all it remains almost verbatim to the version that I sent him (As opposed to how it's found on the blog).
I'll let you decide.

He Was Buried as a Jew

In other news, my pictures (and text) were put on Shmais: YOEC welcomes their new Shluchim

For those of you who'd like to see my photos with out leaving Letters of Thought.

The Future . . .

 . . . Must recall the past

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A Simple Jew said...

Congratulations, Mottel!

Mottel said...

Thank you.