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Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Creature of My Habits . . .

I realized while eating out the other night, that though I may not be
afraid from tasting new types of food, I'm actually quite open to most
culinary traditions (be they Kosher, as is self understood), I remain
a stead fats fan of my favorites . . .

At the local fish fry, I get a grilled Ahi Tuna Sandwich.

At a Chinese restaurant I stick with the Sweet and Sour Soup and Orange Chicken.

With Fast food it's a Breaded Chicken Sandwich.

I know what I like and I order it. It doesn't matter if I had it three times already that week -I'm fine to go for it again.

As of note, Parshas Lech Lecha is about going out our habits, getting out of the rut . . .

While I don't think my eating habits are in congruent with this theme,
perhaps we all need to shake things up from time to time.

But if you'll excuse, I must go now for my slice of Pizza.

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