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Saturday, October 28, 2006

COL - Chabad On Line

COL is glad to announce that Rabbi Menachem Zeev Greenglass has overcome the initial stages of his recent surgery and he is currently recovering. Family members say that the veteran mashpia who is one of the nine initial shluchim of the Rebbe Rayatz to the city, was urgently operated on due to a recommendation of a physician and despite the danger this entailed danger at such an advanced age, the Rabbi has survived. Family members would like to thank all of his pupils and students of Chabad institutes around the world for praying for his recovery.
I know all I've had is a lot of links . . . G-d willing I some good posts lined up for this week.
In other news, I just downloaded Firefox 2.0 . . . I still have yet to check it out.

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