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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Travel Thoughts -Coming full circle

Being home is a new phase in my life . . . smicha is by far a very odd experience.

To think a few years ago it seem so far off.

Si la Vie.

A few thoughts this return trip:

  1. It seems fitting that I spent my last night in Europe in Warsaw -where I began my shlichus year. Things have gone full circle. 

  2. My Warsaw-JFK flight was delayed three hours. By the second hour
    we were given sandwiches (which I declined, for obvious reasons) and a
    drink. As soon as the food was brought out, the Poles lunged, pushing
    and fighting as the Americans stood back aghast . . . the vestiges of
    Communism live on.
  3. Upon landing the Poles all stood up and took out their bags from
    the over head bin before the plain came to a full and complete stop.
  4. As well, they all stood in the line for American citizens by
    Passport control, and needed to be escorted to the line for foreigners.
  5. What does it mean "Please fasten your seat belt while seated?" How else can one put on a seat belt?

  6. G-d bless America. It's good to be home.


dovid said...

Some points that show how great it is to be polish :) :) :)

have a fun !

Mottel said...


the Mitzvah man! said...

Mottel, it's funny how your fifth question can have two meanings which make it either look totally foolish, or actually a logical statement.

You obviously focused on the 'Oholei Torah/Gemara Kop' approach to that statement.

Good to see you're home and happy! Keep it up.

Sefirah said...

whats si la vie?
its c'est la vie.
c'est = it is.
si = if.

welcome home "motty"

Mottel said...

Whatever, as if the French themselves knew how to write in French.
Thanks for the good wishes y'all!