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Monday, September 25, 2006

Post-Rosh Hashanah Thoughts

  • I generally try to make sure before I make Kiddush on Shabbos or Yom-Tov night that I've learnt a timely Sicha
    (Teaching on the Torah portion or the like) . . . It started as
    necessity when running the Shabbos meals in Venice, Warsaw and Vilna .
    . . The first night I sat down to learn the Sicha right before
    I left for the meal. The second night, I reviewed something I had
    learnt earlier in the week, and in the past as well . . . .
    repeating the sicha by the meal the first night, it seemed to almost
    flow . . . The second night, despite the better preparation . . .
  • It's impossible to have a Rosh Hashanah with out Chassidus.
  • When
    looking for people to blow the Shofar for, I realized the essential
    difference between Californians and the rest of the world . . .
    so sorry, but I'm not Jewish -But I want to wish you a happy New Year.
    -Compare that to a New Yorker . . . "Jewish? No! I'm
  • As well, I met a Russian from Mogeliv Podolski my Great-Grandmother's home town, a lady who heard the shofar that morning in Miami, and a "kabbalist"


Anonymous said...

last week while i was giving out challa in the hospital before shabbos, an italian nurse claimed that since italians and jews are as dear to g-d(???) the italians of the hospital should be also treated with challos......

Mottel said...

Italians happen to be my favorite European people . . .
But by being dear to G-d and deserving challos? Perhaps pasta . . .
Thanks for your feedback, but if possible, please try and post with a name next time.