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Friday, September 15, 2006

The Death of the Jewish Democrat . . .

I spoke to a long time Democrat the other day . . .

He told me that
he had become disillusioned with  the Democratic policy as of late (see
video below) and therefor had change his part affiliation to
Republican . . .

As a child Republicans were evil -they were Southern, Evangelists, who hated minorities and the environment . . .

Fifth Grade teacher once told us, that though she was not allowed to
express her political views to the class, we ought to know the truth
about Republicans.

A Reform Rabbi once told the wife of Ben Stein,
a mentor of mine -as it were, that her political party (the Steins are
ardent Republicans) was something to the extent of an enemy to the
Jewish people.

Republicans owned guns . . .

Democrats were by far better -they even played the saxophone . . .

Yet I think, though I have by no means done much research, that the Jewish Republican demographic is growing.

in a slightly dated article from the 2002 edition of the Jewish Journal, Strom -the vice president of the Republican Jewish Coalition’s Los Angeles chapter- is quoted as saying:

profile of the Jewish community is changing[.] It’s moving beyond such
issues as abortion and gay rights and turning to bread-and-butter
issues, such as health care, education, the huge budget deficit and

The recent events in Israel seem to have done even more, if not now, then at least in the long term.

To quote Stein:

There is no end to the
loyalty and courage of Mr. Bush where Israel is concerned. Yes, he has
made mistakes aplenty. Yes, he sometimes listens to his heart instead
of his head. But his selfless devotion to Israel is a shining chapter
in the history of American political leadership. Where LBJ and Kennedy
washed their hands of Israel, could not have cared less about whether
Israel survived, where Clinton had the thief, murderer Arafat to the
White House, more than any other world leader Bush has stood foursquare
for the survival of Israel.

How any American Jew concerned
about the survival of Israel could even consider not supporting Bush in
the final analysis is a mystery to me.

In a recent Washington post article  "Future of Orthodox Jewish Vote Has Implications for GOP"

It notes that,

are] likely to change significantly in the years ahead because Orthodox
Jews are the fastest-growing segment of the Jewish population, raising
the possibility that one of the most reliable Democratic voting blocs
will be increasingly in play in future elections, according to surveys
of Jewish voting and religious and social habits.

likelihood is there will be a very quick jump in the number of orthodox
as the baby boomers age and die," said David A. Harris of the American
Jewish Committee, a nonpartisan organization that conducts an annual
survey of Jews. "They will be increasingly replaced by Orthodox
children who are more" in line with Republicans.
 . . . Democrats
agree Republicans under President Bush are making inroads among
Orthodox Jews. "Absolutely it is problematic," said Ira Foreman, of the
National Democratic Jewish Council. "But I would much rather be where
we are." . . . "The single most hostile [Jewish] community to
Republicans is the 70-and-older community," said Matthew Brooks, of the
Republican Jewish Coalition. "That segment will not be part of the
electorate going forward much longer."

I know . . . I know . . . Bush is still a fundamentalist . . . who can we really trust . . .

But who else is there to bring about G-d's blessings . . .

Only time will tell . . .

On a side note, there's an interesting article from Ben Stein on

Out of Disproportion


Batya said...

The Jewish support for the dems started with FDR, but actually he was terrible to the Jews and had no problem with the Nazi Halocaust. He didn't try to stop the murders.

Anonymous said...

Yes, please leave the Democratic Party and take over the Republican Party. Give America at least one party without your Israeli meddling.

You people have garnered enough wealth with your political puppets in power.

Mottel said...

Anon, if you wish to post your small minded hate, then at least use a name.