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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

One can never leave

I tried to go home today.
I tried.
I had a very interesting flight.
The flight of my life.
One ticket from Venice to Warsaw.
One ticket from Warsaw to Newark.
One taxi from Newark to Crown Heights.
One place to sleep for the one night in New York.
One Taxi to the Ohel and then to JFK.
One flight home to LA.

One G-d in heaven who'll never let things go that way . . .
My flight from Venice was delayed.
My flight to Newark was missed.
I did a search for Warsaw phone numbers . . . I get the numbers from Warsaw, Texas.
You just gotta go with the flow.


Sefirah said...

good luck

Baleboosteh said...

Its like a domino effect...miss one and you have missed them all.
Good luck, I hope you are home soon.

Monica said...

9/26/06: In Kiev again to live, just arrived. Your blog came up when I googled Baba Yar and Chabad, trying to prepare myself for 65-year commemorations this week.
I went in search of facts and instead found insights. Thank you.

Mottel said...

I glad you enjoyed what you saw, and I hope that you come again.

Shimon said...

Want to trade links with me at ?

I would like to be linked on both of your blogs but I couldn't find your email anywhere so I had to resort to the comment section. Email me at

Have a great Yud Shevat!