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Thursday, August 03, 2006

A Few Ukrainian Thoughts

  1. I don't understand how people could go online with out DSL . . . Oh, I also used to use dail up . . . but that was because I didn't know any better. But here, it's driving me mad! That noise, the static with the eeeh ahhh boing eee- boing ee boing . . . It used to be cool, the sound would conjure up images of Hackers and the 'Future' . . . now it's like nails going down a chalk -board. Perhaps I'll start my old habit again, going online with a book to read between pages.
  2. I'm a child of American brain-washing. I don't start forest fires, I picture omelets when I think about drugs, and I buckle-up when I go in a car. Tonight the taxi driver told me to take off my seat-belt!
  3. I like the sound of Russian . . . it's a shame I have to listen to French next week (At least it isn't coming from the Québécois)
  4. The Lada was made to drive on anything, run on nothing, and out last everything . . . It aint too bad for this part of the world.


BlueScreenOfDebt said...

Hey, at least you had breaks when you went driving in russia. Good times.

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! »