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Friday, July 14, 2006

The state of the J-blogosphere . . . and the state of the World.

J-Blogosphere writes about the future of Haveil Havalim, and the general right-wing slant of most J-blogs.
To me the reason seems quite simple (besides the fact mentioned that lefties may not be submitting their posts enough)  . . .
I'm sure there are many Blogs run by Jews with a leftist slant, but among them, how many have dedicated their blogs about Judaism (This especially true amongst the English speaking crowd)? Most blogs (at least from what I've seen . . . this is far from scientific) centered around Judaism tend to be from a more conservative crowd . . . hence the right-wing slant.

As to what's really on our minds -at least what should be - Life of Rubin gives some a round up of links, news . . . and most needed of all Tehillim.

The video Peace Upon the Land