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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Six world changing insights that can only be reached by living in Lithuania . . . or drinking beer

I've been doing some thinking (sober though) . . . I hope these six facts will change your life as they have changed mine.

  1. Showers in Eastern Europe are not normal. In America, hot is hot, cold is cold . . . somewhere in the middle it's just right . . . Here hot is scalding, cold is frozen water from the local river, and in the middle 'hot' and then 'cold' shoot out in successive blasts.
  2. On Friday night, every Lithuanian from eight until clinically dead can be found roaming the streets with a beer in his/her hand, if not . . . then he/she will have two beers.
  3. Most vegetables can be eaten cooked besides (i.e. hot)
    • Melons (water, cantaloupe etc)
    • Lettuce
    • Cucumbers
    • Add some more to the list in the comments below.
  4. My bed in Vilna for the last three nights was a boat. Since van Halem and Adler have joined me, and a local m'kuriv spent Shabbos with us, I had to sleep on a fold out bed (a bunch of springs attached to a frame with fold out bars for legs . . . with two thin foam mattress) That means I can now move in all six directions
    • The bed shakes left and right.
    • It can slides forwards and backwards (if it slides to much, then the legs collapse and my head or feet are on the ground, while the rest of me remains at bed level . . .)
    • It acts as a black-whole - sucking me down into the nether-regions of the mattress continuum
    • At times the springs will be extra bouncy, sending me up towards the roof . . .
    • I have of yet to see if it can take me into the future . . .
  5. Lithuanian busses are donated by the European Union, so they still contain writing in Dutch, Flemish, Swedish, and other languages.
  6. The smell of 'new' things is good . . .
    • Teffilin
    • (l'havdil from here and on) Fresh Paint
    • Freshly cut wood
    • Fresh earth after rain in the forest.
    • Fresh bread
    • and my personal favorite . . . New electronics like . . . My Lap Top!


Sefirah said...

it sounds like an original european experience. not the tourism, fancy hotel kind of life - but the down in the dirt real life style.

you should make a movie out of it!

Anonymous said...

Finally, you got your replacement laptop !!!!

California said...

Looks like you learnt a lot... Fulfilling Shlichus!
When r u going back to the States and to Cali?

Mottel said...

Anon, are you the same anon that always writes me as anon though I know who you are becuase your feet were three feet away from my head when I slept for the last six months?

Cali -Thanks for the good words, I have no Idea when i'll be back in good old cali . . . as for the states, IY"H around Chai Elul time.

sgvsw said...

Congrats on the new pc! and continue writing. we love your work

California said...

Well, I'll be out of here by then, guess I'll c. u. in Yerushalayim!

Mottel said...

Thanks for the congrats.