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Monday, June 05, 2006

A Rose By Any Other Name

It's interesting to note the importance of name giving for Blog posts vis a vis bringing in hits
from ping sites like jrants.

  1. The word Ba'al Teshuva brings in an above average number of hits.
  2. Posts that have a News source i.e. CNN or N.Y. Times bring in extras as well. (perhaps people are expecting commentary -not always the case with my blog)
  3. The words Warsaw and Poland in a title draw in more hits then Lithuania and Vilna.
  4. "Polish Cleaning Ladies" have brought in the most Google searches . . . Followed by the word Auschwitz.
  5. Titles that use or paraphrase famous literary quotes bring in more hits as well . . . Hence the title of this post.
  6. There are those that say that the numbers 7215 in this blog's URL makes it hard for some to remember . . .

It's all in the name . . .


Sefirah said...

howd u find this all out?