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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Permeation -Shevuos Thoughts

Just a thought before Shevuos . . .
Shevuos is, in a sense, the ultimate holiday. It brings out the very foundation of Judaism.

We did not become Jews by the Exodus, our Independence day, but rather by Mt. Sinai . . . our whole existence is that is a Torah Nation. When G-d's infinite essence descended on the mountain, we became permeated with Elokus, one with the divine.
Our purpose is to make this world a dirah lo yisbarech, a dwelling place for G-d . . . that even in the crude physicality and corporeality of this world, G-d may be manifest. The Divine and the mundane merge as one.
The Torah is what lets us reach these great heights -or rather, bring them below.
That's why we can not fast on Shevuos, not even for a bad dream -an act otherwise allowed, even on Shabbos- because even the physical body must take part in receiving the Torah.
Even more so, specifically the physical is the proper vessel to receive the Torah . . .

To all Kabalos Hatorah B'simcha u'bepenimius . . . may we merit to receive the Torah with Joy and (through the joy) incorporate it into our essence!


Minor Fast Days said...

chag sameach, Mottel

Mottel said...

Thanks, you too Sushi!