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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Entering the Thirteenth Year -Chabad Today

It's odd . . .
Such a awesome day approaches . . . and I have nothing to say.
I will not be 'blogging' tomorrow . . . (Not that keeping up with the blogosphere and adding my own ramble is bad -but s'past nit)
How have we changed?
When I first came to Chabad, my first Gimmel Tammuz was six years after the day.
Everything was still fresh, it seemed to hurt. Lines were drawn high -Yechi . . . yes . . .no . . .
Now things seemed to have settled down.
There are still extremists, but they remain just that -extreme.
In general we seem to have grown complacent.
We focus less on the Rebbe himself, more on his 'Legacy' . . .
Perhaps it's just me, I don't know.
Yet at times, it feels like we've turned the Rebbe from being a person, to being an ideal.
A reform 'Moshiach' . . . Rechmana litzlan . . . not a person but an age.
The 'Age of the Rebbe' (I could see others, Mentalblog perhaps, call it the Age of Schneerson . . . yet I can not use such a crude term (though If I thought of it, then the problem is with in me as well . . .)

We must internalize things a bit.
Corporate Chabad is doing well . . . yet if we worship it . . . then it will make us bankrupt.

Ad Masai.
Moshiach should come before tomorrow, even now, I feel nervous about putting this into print.
Moshiach must come now. Taken. I want to write will come before tomorrow, yet if I'm wrong. Yet how can I doubt?
Genug shoyn!
The Rebbe promised, it can end in no other way!


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Love being a Yid, Love being a Chossid, Love having my, our Rebbe. Though we cannot see him physically, spiritually a Rebbe never leaves his Chassidim. And NOW Moshiach is coming so we will once more be with all are Rebbeim! From Moshe Rabainu until now!!!