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Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Papa-nazi . . . err Pope, visits Aushwitz

Auschwitz on pope's Polish visit

(CNN) -- Pope Benedict XVI has begun a bittersweet trip to Poland, where he will pay homage to the late Pope John Paul II, and his beloved predecessor's homeland . . .

On Sunday, he will conduct a Mass in Krakow's Blonie Park and deliver a homily.Later that day, he will visit Auschwitz and the Center for Dialogue and Prayer there and he will deliver a prayer and speech at the location -- whose very name conjures the Holocaust.Benedict -- who has warned of a growing wave of anti-Semitism -- intends to continue John Paul II's work in forging closer ties between Jews and Catholics.

It's a start . . . I think.
On an interesting note, I was thinking about making the trip to Poland Sh'b'Poland (Yes, Auschwitz is the essence of Poland -tell any Jew that you've been there and he'll mention Auschwitz first thing) this coming Sunday -it looks like a good thing that I changed my plans.
* * *
I'm still feeling under the weather . . . a local told me to take a radish, carve out the inside, fill the radish with honey, then let it sit in water for two or three hours -then drink the whole concoction . . .
I went to the store and bought some medicine.

As a side note, for some reason the links here from CNN haven't been coming out -sorry.