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Monday, May 01, 2006

2 Iyar and children's books

Before I explain, let me just give you the facts:

"Labels for Laibel
A Yossi & Laibel Book
by Dina Rosenfeld
Illustrated by: Norman Nodel
Part of the "Yossi and Laibel" series.

Ages 4-7, 8-11
When it comes to sharing things with his little brother Yosef, Laibel
decides he's had enough! He cooks up an elaborate plan to keep all of
his belongings to himself and... the fun begins! The bouncy rhymes and
hilarious illustrations teach a lesson about the importance of sharing
with others. A must for every family!(30 Pages)"

(taken from

Nothing to complicated . . .
or so I thought.
According to what the mashpia said tonight, however, we might need to
push up the age for the book from 11 to 111 . . . Since the story
contains the true meaning of Bais Iyar (the birthday of the Rebbe Maharash) and his saying 'Letchatchila Ariber' (That when confronted with a problem one should face it head on -unlike the normal diversionary tactics of the world.)

'Letchatchila Ariber' is a pnimius'dike -internal- thing
. . . that when one comes across his own shortcomings and boundaries,
he must over come them . . .leaping above the hurtles.
Don't label yourself.
Don't say that I am x, y, and z. That, and no more . . .
In the book Laibel tries to show what is his . . . what he is.
e must learn not to limit ourselves.

And here I had been thinking until now that it was just a simple story . . .