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Friday, April 28, 2006

Bloggers or Losers?

A Midieval Blogger

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I'm Haaretz, Ph.D. : “Blogging is for losers” or so they say

What happens when two bloggers meet:
"How are you?" says one of them.
"Thank G-d, I'm doing well. I just went on a trip somwhere, I wrote about it in my blog -you can see more over there. So how are you?"
"Not bad, I wrote how I'm doing in my blog as well . . ."
"Yah I know, I already read it . . ."

The death of normal conversation.
Blogging is for losers.
Is it?
Is it not?
Blogging in and of itself is neither cool nor for losers, but rather dependent on the person who blogs . . .
If one obsesses over his blog, then yes it can become loserish . . .
Spending hours of ones life, writing, posting, checking other peoples blog and watching stats is not normal behavior.
Do I do it?
At times, but it aint something I'd be proud of.

That aside, most people are indeed jealous of blogers. There are people I know that leave rather nasty anon. comments on my blog . . . Why? Not becuase I truly am a loser (though I may indeed be one ;-) ) for blogging -plenty of people spend far greater time on other far more petty things, yet remain unscathed from the title loser. Rather jealousy, the shame, that they can not comeup with original ideas to blog on their own (or think for that matter) is what leads them to strike out.
But while we're speaking about blogs, have you seen mine?
You have?
Then why didn't you comment?!


Anonymous said...

blogging is for losers i agree!!!!!

Mottel said...

Please comment with a name.

Mottel said...

A post script to the above:
You know you blog too much when chassidishe Yidden -the kind with long beard that daven shachris for atleast 4 or 5 hours on Shabbos- come up to you in the mikva and ask about your "web-site"

Yossi. said...

1. i know what you mean!!
2. blogging isnt for loosers its for lubavitchers that have friends at all ends of the world and ,eet hem once a year at the mass bulshov avaents in ny at yudd shvat etc. (just to hard to go through your whole life with everyone you meet.)
3. when (?) are you going back to warsaw?

Mottel said...

Tues IY"H

yossi said...

p.s. with sites like "my-space" hitting 57 million members and 160,000 new members every day and yahoo hitting 30 bilion page views (on their blogsphere) last year alone it's time to think blooging isnt just for geeks rather its the biggest online trend second only to email...

-Enjoy the blogging

Mottel said...