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Monday, March 20, 2006

Philosophizing the Stone

Most blogs seem to be big on Philosophy -in some way or another.
I dunno . . . I just can't do it.
It's not that I don't enjoy the occational bout with the realm of intelect (There are some who take it too far; here in the land of Poles there's a regular who loves Philosophy -as in "We need to understand the Philosophy of the Polish farmers . . .Or of their wagons . . . or the potatoes that they grow.")
On the whole, however, I prefer to stay away from the stuff.
These days putting an intelectual twist of lime into our chassidus is all the rage.
We like it on the rocks, shaken not sirred -and with a large, thin slice of lemon peel for a garnish. .
Take a look at the article on about Matisyahu (Matisyahu: Rabbi Or Rebbel)
Besides the "Kabbalistic" explanation of Matis's actions (which though true in theory, they hardly touch the ramifications of his actions [which is an entirely different conversation]) there was a refference to "post-modern French philosophy".
Who are we fooling?
On Shlichus this talk serves a purpose . . . but to ourselves?
I dunno . . . I dunno . . .
Sometimes we need to take a Chassidus like the Russians (or Poles) -with out the twist of lemon.


Sefirah said...

this reminds me of my feelings towards art history. for example, we'll take some beautiful piece like The Primavera by Botticelli and turn it into some kind of symbolic mystical adam and eve seasons of earth love and lust type of image.

it bores me. its too typical - too easy. its PATHETIC! art historians are PATHETIC.

pathetic!! they have NO LIFE! SERIOUSLy!!

A Simple Jew said...

A thought on philosophy here

Anonymous said...

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Mottel said...

Sefirah: Thanks for the input . . .

A simple Jew: Thanks for the tought -those are the only kind which count ;-)
(where are you quoting from?)

Mendel . . . if Tuli hadn't shown me your blog today (by hasgacha protis) I wouldn't have known who Mendel S. is . . .