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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

It's so Kabbalistic

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'Walking home recently from morning prayers, Matisyahu -- the Hasidic reggae MC -- got a call from his manager: Madonna wanted to invite him over for Passover Seder. A follower of the Jewish mystical tradition Kabbalah, Madonna promised to follow all the strictures of Matisyahu's faith, but he remained suspicious. "I don't know if I can go," he says. "I'll have to check it out with, like, multiple people, to make sure it's kosher." '
I start to wonder . . .
I'm very for Matisyahu -I think it's great that he has made it into the main stream; his tunes are a breath of fresh air when compared to the repetitive nature of most Jewish music (Is it just me, or do the last few singles released by Avraham Fried sound the same?)
but, to quote Dance to Life!
'Of course, Madonna's not the only one clamoring for his spiritual attention (or for the attention that he is getting): Eve recently jumped up on his stage to sing; Burger King has requested him for a TV commercial; the top radio DJs are calling Matisyahu their "new obsession"; the Dave Matthews Band wants Matis to open for them on an upcoming tour; and Howard Stern is begging to have Matis on his new Sirius Radio show.'

I'm starting to worry . . . He has great potential to reach out to others, to make people aware of things that they never new before (While walking down the main street of Venice, I was once stopped me and asked if I knew Matis) but at what point must we make sure that he doesn't get dragged down in his own vortex of energy.
How many people in our group knew of P.O.D. before he became involved . . .
At what point does our reaching out draw in things that should never see the light of day?

Good luck, but beware the dark side!


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