The letters of our thoughts are the ideas present in our mind before they come to realization . . . Thoughts that are, yet not felt . . . The words of the subconscious . . . of the soul . . .


Friday, February 03, 2006

Why it's Not Enough

G-d wants a Dirah B'tachtonim –a place to dwell amongst us, a place where his essence can be felt. Even here, where darkness prevails, the gashmius, the mundane physicality of the world, will reveal Elokus, G-dlyness. Nothing is devoid of Him, no place is hidden from Him. Every leaf not only shouts out his praise, singing in the complex ethereal symphony of creation, but will be heard by our physical ears as as well.

The stones will shout out, “What makes you better then me if you do not fulfill your purpose in the world?”

No thought can grasp Him, yet no place is devoid of Him . . . Everywhere yet Not There –Now we feel that we are reality and he is the “Ayin", the not, but soon we will see that he is All and above –the unfathomable; and we- the not.

By them, C.S. Lewis is enough. the story, if in line with their thought, need not mention any more.

Pharaoh told Moses"Mi Hashem asher eshma b'kolo . . . Lo yada'ati es Hashem."

“Who is G-d that I should listen to His voice? I do not know G-d.”

Chassidus explains that Pharaoh could not see the way the Al-mighty ran the universe be means of the miraculous, he only saw Sheim Elokiem, how G-d invests himself in this world by natural means . . . Tzimtzum k'pshuto, azav Elokiem es ha'aretz, Deism, the mighty clockmaker that has created and left . . . Concealment.

But then came Moshe, the Ten Plagues and broke every facet of Klipas Mitzrayim, the impurity of Egypt. Not only what was seen, but even the unseen . . . Egypt had so soiled itself that even the very fabric from which it had been knit, needed to be unstitched and sewn anew. Only then could Pharaoh even begin to acknowledge G-d's Supremacy in all.

We must strive for higher, for we are higher . . . it must be visible in our actions, our speech and our thoughts, in our arts and in our sciences that we are Jews. We exist today by miracle alone, we live in this world, work with it, change, yet we remain aloof.

We tailor the world, Olam akin to the word helem, concealment, to fit the Torah. Never reverse. The moshel must have a nimshal, the story, a moral -but tzimtzum shlo k'pshuto. In the story there must be a revelation of G-d.

When the Rebbe told Einstein about the tzimtzum, scientist got up and said

"Yetzt Ich farshtay Malo chol ha'aretz b'cvodo –I know I understand what it means that the whole world is filled with G-d’s glory"

That’s why it's not enough.