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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

An Un-rant

czrsakv tfeszn idzodumy tizttfj
Co? Dzein Dobri?
No, I didn't make a post in Polish this time, these are actually those little word verifications found on the bottom of every comment box . . .

I know, I know, we need those little boxes to stop all of those evil spammers who want to cell us nose hair cutters and the like,
but is it just me or are those things getting longer ever time I post? I remember when they were only four letters -like KXCZ, but now? These guys are longer getting longer the the words that my spoon full of alphabet soup spells.


I've written in the past that I'm a cynic, but with a soft heart (Can such a thing really exist? Do I even really exist?)
I enjoy witticism, can often be rather critical . . . but in the end, I can not bare extreme cynicism. It depresses me.
We live in a harsh world, and often only a sharp critical remark can bring about the needed result . . . but there is a line.
Too often we cross that line, we fail to separate the man from the deed -Bush didn't only make a mistake, he is a stupid Texas hick.
That is in the world at large, in the Olam Koton of Judaism, of Lubavitch (isn't that Judaism?), how much more so . . .

We live in a time where the n'vua (prophesy) of "Ki mala ha'aretz deah es Hashem . . ." -and the whole world will be filled with a knowledge of the L-rd.
Information is out there . . . Not only is it accessible, but it is wanted. Sights like Wikipedia
exist soley for the purpose of gathering information and making it accessible to all, why? Because it is the right of every person to know, to understand, and to comprehend.
Blogs give us a voice, and open us to myriad of other views .
Yet all to often the voice I see is one of ranting, of bitterness etc. Perhaps I'm looking in the wrong places, yet it seems to me that many well structured, intelligent blogs . . . are bitter rants from self claimed "apikursim", "shkutzim" and the like.
Are they right? Yes, all to often, but the bitterness must be turned into sweetness, channeled into good . . .


Anonymous said...

This post deserves to be one of the entries on the WikiLog.

the Mitzvah man! said...

Mottel, You're the coolest cynic I've ever met man! I love you DUDE!

Kehr a Velt Heint!