The letters of our thoughts are the ideas present in our mind before they come to realization . . . Thoughts that are, yet not felt . . . The words of the subconscious . . . of the soul . . .


Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Collection of Thoughts

A few Random thoughts:
I noticed the following - eSefer: Essential Jewish Library
and was struck by an odd feeling that something was missing from the list . . . realizing that he was form Lakewood I 'excluded' chassidus and tried to think of which s'farim I find the most essential on my bookshelf . . . but I came up with a blank . . . yet something was still missing. Then it struck me, Chassidus was so basic to me I couldn't see a shelf with out it . . . Imagine a shelf: How can it stand with out a Lukitie Sichos, a tanya, an Igros (not Moshe)? (Nothing really new in all of this -it was just the last thing I thought about before typing)

-Which this brings me to a second thought: In the Litvishe world (Or at least Lakewood) there are a number of blogs, all of which stick to eachother, i.e. have a close knowledge of whats going on in the other "Lakewood" blogs etc. even those that belong to v'gam (as in 'Bochurim v'gam . . . r"l)
So I thought, why don't we do something similar . . . make a Bochur Blog association -or the like-
I mean, with all of the nasty, apikoris'she blogs out there, it would be nice to show all of the good . . . is there anybody with me on this?

-According to tell me: 1 out three Americans goes on the Internet just for fun . . . how many of them are Bochurim?

- Blogs to Riches